Agriculture & Farming Automation and Machinery

Customer is having vast experience and specializing in Agriculture & farming equipment, with a focus on forage harvesters, attachments, diagnostic software, spare parts, and expertise. To bolster their online presence and better resonate with their target audience of farmers, they required a robust, user-friendly website. The goal was to effectively showcase their diverse product range and services, enhancing customer engagement and driving sales.


The project was developed using Magento 2, a powerful and flexible e-commerce platform. This choice was driven by Magento 2’s capabilities in customization, scalability, and extensive e-commerce features, making it ideal for their needs.


  1. Installation and Customization of a Third-Party Theme:
    1. Select and install a third-party theme suitable for an agricultural equipment business.
    2. Customize the theme to reflect branding and aesthetic preferences.
  1. Development of a Child Theme:
    1. Create a child theme to ensure future updates to the parent theme would not affect customizations.
  1. Design Changes:
    1. Modify the design to meet specific visual and functional goals, ensuring the website appeals to the target customer base.
  1. Custom Extensions:
    1. Develop custom extensions to add specific functionalities required by AM Machinery, enhancing the overall user experience.
  1. Overriding Existing Theme Components:
    1. Override and customize existing components to better align with the project’s requirements and improve functionality.
  1. Data Migration:
    1. Migrate data from the old website to the new Magento 2 platform without loss or corruption.
  1. Custom Scripts for Data Integration:
    1. Create scripts to fetch data and integrate it with email services, enabling the sending of weekly product updates to different customer groups.

Challenges :

  1. Theme Customization:
    1. Balancing the aesthetic requirements with functional needs during the theme customization process.
  2. Data Migration:
    1. Ensuring the integrity and accuracy of data during the migration from the old website to the new platform.
  3. Custom Extension Development:
    1. Developing extensions that seamlessly integrated with the Magento 2 platform without causing performance issues.
  4. Email Integration:
    1. Creating efficient scripts to fetch data and segment it appropriately for different customer groups, ensuring relevant products were promoted to the right customers.


  1. Theme Customization:
    1. Successfully installed and customized a third-party theme, tailoring it to reflect brand identity.
  1. Child Theme Development:
    1. Created a child theme to maintain customizations independent of the parent theme updates.
  1. Design Adjustments:
    1. Made precise design changes to meet aesthetic and functional goals, enhancing user engagement.
  1. Custom Extensions:
    1. Developed several custom extensions to add unique functionalities, improving the website’s overall usability and feature set.
  1. Component Overriding:
    1. Overrode existing theme components to better suit the project’s specific needs, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  1. Data Migration:
    1. Efficiently migrated all necessary data to the new Magento 2 platform, maintaining its integrity and accuracy.
  1. Custom Scripts for Email Integration:
    1. Created and implemented custom scripts to fetch product data and integrate it with the email service, allowing for targeted weekly emails to customer groups, thereby boosting sales.

Benifit / Improvements after implementation

  1. Enhanced User Experience:
    1. The website’s customized design and enhanced functionality provided a superior user experience, making it easier for customers to navigate and find products.
  1. Improved Sales:
    1. The targeted email campaigns, powered by custom scripts, increased product visibility among different customer groups, driving higher sales.
  1. Brand Alignment:
    1. The design changes and theme customizations ensured that the website accurately reflected brand, resonating well with their target audience.
  1. Scalability:
    1. The use of Magento 2 provided a scalable solution, allowing for future growth and additional customizations as needed.

The development tool is Magento 2 CE and it was a resounding success. The project met all the specified requirements and overcame significant challenges, resulting in a robust, user-friendly platform that enhanced customer engagement and sales. This case study exemplifies the effective use of technology to solve complex business needs and deliver tangible benefits to clients.