LED lighting and accessories

At MageBeans we take pride in crafting exceptional e-commerce experiences for B2B clients. We were delighted to partner with, a leading provider of professional LED lighting and accessories. Our customer caters to offices, shops, restaurants, and industrial settings, offering a comprehensive selection of high-quality lighting solutions.

Our objective: create a custom e-commerce website that reflects Feltd’s brand identity and empowers a seamless online shopping experience for their design-savvy clientele.


The project was developed using Magento 2, a versatile e-commerce platform known for its customization capabilities, scalability, and robust performance. Magento 2 was chosen to meet the specific needs of LED lighting and accessories’ B2B operations and to support their extensive product catalogue


    1. Development of a New Theme from Scratch:
      1. Create a new, custom theme that provides a neat and clean look to the website.
      2. Ensure the theme aligns with LED lighting and accessories’ brand and aesthetic goals.
    1. Design Changes:
      1. Implement design modifications to achieve a professional and visually appealing website.
    1. Custom Extensions:
      1. Develop custom extensions to add unique functionalities tailored to LED lighting and accessories’ product offerings and customer needs.

Challenges :

  • Building a B2B E-commerce Powerhouse

    Customer’s vision was to establish a robust e-commerce platform that streamlines online ordering for their B2B clientele. They desired a website that:

    • Clearly showcases their extensive lighting product range.
    • Provides a user-friendly interface for easy product selection and ordering.
    • Projects a professional and modern brand image.


  • Leveraging the power of Magento 2, we meticulously built a custom e-commerce website tailored to LED lighting and accessories’ specific needs:

    • Magento 2 Expertise: Our team’s deep understanding of Magento 2 ensured a scalable and secure platform capable of handling LED lighting and accessories’ B2B transactions efficiently.
    • Custom Theme Development: We bypassed pre-made themes and meticulously built a theme from the ground up to achieve a clean, professional aesthetic that aligns perfectly with LED lighting and accessories’ brand identity.
    • Design Refinements: Strategic design adjustments were implemented to enhance user experience and product discoverability.
    • Custom Extension Development: Custom extensions were developed to unlock unique functionalities specifically suited to LED lighting and accessories’ B2B operations. These may include features like:
      • Bulk Ordering Functionality: Streamline ordering for larger quantities of products, catering to LED lighting and accessories’ B2B clientele.
      • Project Quotation Tools: Allow customers to request quotes for specific lighting projects, facilitating efficient communication and sales opportunities.
      • Account Management Features: Create a dedicated B2B account portal for streamlined order management, reordering, and potentially special pricing for repeat customers.

Benifits / Improvement after implementation

  • The new custom Magento 2 platform empowers LED lighting and accessories to:

    • Boost online sales: A user-friendly interface and streamlined ordering process encourage B2B customers to make purchases efficiently.
    • Enhance brand image: The clean, professional design reflects LED lighting and accessories’ focus on quality and innovation.
    • Improve customer experience: Features like bulk ordering and account management tools cater to the specific needs of B2B buyers.
    • Gain operational efficiency: Custom extensions can streamline tasks such as order processing and quotation requests.



    This project exemplifies our expertise in crafting B2B e-commerce solutions. The custom Magento 2 platform we developed for LED lighting and accessories.com empowers them to illuminate their brand, streamline B2B transactions, and achieve their online sales goals.